Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping Project

About Us

GLEAM brings together together a diverse group of broadly-experienced academic researchers, agency staff, and representatives of basin-wide NGOs. We greatly acknowledge the generous financial support from the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation and University of Michigan Water Center for this project.


Leadership Team

Project leaders for the GLEAM project include Dr. J. David Allan and Dr. Sigrid Smith of the University of Michigan.


Core Working Group

In the early years of GLEAM, the leadership team assembled a core working group of colleagues from throughout the Great Lakes basin to guide development of the cumulative stress map. The working group is comprised of academic researchers, agency representatives, NGO leaders. They were selected for their expert knowledge of particular stressors or regions, and participated in the project mainly through intensive workshops held in Ann Arbor from 2009-2011.


Key Staff

Key project staff completed important  day-to-day tasks including background research, assembling GIS datasets, analyzing GIS data, and maintaining communications among project participants. In addition, numerous undergraduate assistants from the University of Michigan have been involved in data collection and research.


Partner Organizations

If you want to help keep the Great Lakes healthy, there are many ways to get involved through nonprofit organizations. The Healing Our Waters coalition includes over 100 environmental organizations with different locations and missions - you can find the right one for you by visiting their website. The Nature Conservancy and the National Wildlife Federation are two national organizations with regional offices leading Great Lakes initiatives. We have listed these and a few other partner organizations in this section. Many threats to the lakes originate on land and are transported by runoff, so consider supporting your local watershed organization too. There are plenty of opportunities, and we encourage you to find the one that best suits you.